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The Ripple Effect Podcast with Steve Harper

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Jan 27, 2024

In this captivating episode of The Ripple Effect Podcast, Steve Harper is joined by the amazing Lark Meadow, a co-founder and CEO from Aeon Blue Technologies. Lark shares her inspiring journey from the film industry to the forefront of climate technology. Lark shares her unexpected but incredible transition into the world of climate tech, fueled by her brother's (Doc) groundbreaking invention that transforms air and water into fuel. This technology promises a sustainable future and encapsulates the essence of innovation with its potential to revolutionize the energy sector.

Lark's narrative is a testament to the power of curiosity and the willingness to step out of one's comfort zone. Her transition from film to climate tech was driven by a desire to contribute to something larger than herself, a theme that resonates deeply with entrepreneurs and changemakers. The conversation delves into the technical marvel of their venture, Aeon Blue, which focuses on creating clean fuel and carbon capture solutions, aiming for a 600% carbon-negative impact.

Her team's approach is not just about innovation but also accessibility and affordability, aiming to integrate seamlessly into existing infrastructures and consumer habits. Lark's story is a compelling reminder of the impact each of us can have on addressing global challenges simply by Rippling our commitment and support to supporting and leveraging sustainable initiatives in our daily lives.

Listeners are invited to explore Aeon Blue Technologies and the remarkable strides it's making in addressing climate change. Lark's journey is not just inspiring but a wake-up call for all of us to contribute to a sustainable future in whatever way we can.

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