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The Ripple Effect Podcast with Steve Harper

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Apr 24, 2022

Maxine Clark is the Founder of Build-A-Bear Workshop®, a teddy-bear themed retail-entertainment experience. In 2004, Build-A-Bear became a public company traded on the NYSE. Today there are over 350 Build-A-Bear Workshop stores worldwide and over 200 million stuffed animals have been sold worldwide. In 2022,...

Apr 15, 2022

This topic was too important to not share with our podcast community. It's a quick episode with audio from a recent video I posted on Youtube. Hope you enjoy it! Please subscribe to my Youtube channel -


Apr 10, 2022

Dr. Tenesha Wards, Founder and Medical Director of Infinity Wellness Center, supports the top 5% most difficult cases that are often written off by other doctors. She founded The Infinity Way™ program to uncover and correct the root cause of chronic fatigue and other patient symptoms. The Infinity Way™ custom care...