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The Ripple Effect Podcast with Steve Harper

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Jun 1, 2024

Talk about a career pivot! My friend Emily Leach is living her dream and finding her true calling in the process. I

n this episode, you'll meet one of the sweetest and kindest people you could ever hope to have in your life. Emily Leach, or should I say Captain Emily Leach, is a certified sailing instructor who helps...

May 11, 2024

I'm not in Disneyland right now, but asking about the process of bringing Disney attractions to life takes my adrenaline rush sky high. Getting an idea of how the magic happens makes it even more magical! 

Today's special guest for The Ripple Effect Podcast is Former Walt Disney Imagineer—Brian Collins. You might be...

May 4, 2024

Steve talks Star Wars, connection points and just how different the universe might have been had he been the Chosen One and asked to sit next to The Emperor AKA George Lucas. This fun solo (as in Han) episode is like an exploration of the cave on The Dagoba System (Yoda's swampy home) except it's scarier. Because you...

Apr 27, 2024

I was so honored to interview former L.A. Times reporter and Amazon MGM executive Lorenza Muñoz in this episode of The Ripple Effect Podcast. Lorenza is an incredible entrepreneur on a mission to create connection, community and collaboration together to create even bigger Ripples in the world.

Connecting as human...

Apr 5, 2024

After watching and listening to Molly Carroll's TEDx Talk, I instantly felt that she is one of a kind. I'm repeatedly screaming in my head, "She's a Rippler!"

We featured Molly's talk in one of our TED Ripples for our Connect + Grow Ripple Coaching membership. To say it was a hit with our members would be an...