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The Ripple Effect Podcast with Steve Harper

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Dec 21, 2020

We are super excited to bring you this interview with acclaimed author and future Hallmark mega mogul Kimberly McKay. Kim and Steve met via Twitter years ago and struck up a unique friendship that Ripples brightly to this day. 

Kim is the author of several books, screenplays and even hosts a fantastic podcast called A...

Dec 15, 2020

In this episode, Steve geeks out a big about his new favorite show, The Mandalorian available on Disney+. He shares how the story has become a major connection point between him and an important client. He also shares how a distinct departure from the Star Wars story arch may just hold the seeds of inspiration for us...

Nov 21, 2020

When I was in college I was a just a supply delivery guy for a local office equipment company. My boss offered me a chance to participate in a demo contest of the largest machine they had to sell. He need me to "round out the math" to evaluate his 3 seasoned sales people.

The prize a portable black and white Sony...

Nov 6, 2020

Kathy Buckley is billed as America's first hearing impaired comedian. She is funny as hell but her jokes come with a powerful message that will get you thinking.

I met Kathy many years ago at an event we were both speaking at. She became my friend that day and I've been blessed ever since. She is an absolute...

Oct 31, 2020

Hope you don't mind but I'm a little excited to announce the release of the 3rd edition of The Ripple Effect: Maximizing the Power of Relationships for Your Life and Business.

I share some ideas on the updated content and why this process is more relevant today than it ever has been. Our world is shifting and how we...