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The Ripple Effect Podcast with Steve Harper

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Dec 17, 2018

Aruna Ghatak-Roy shares some of her inspirational story about testing limits, staying curious and giving new things a try. This powerful young lawyer shares some powerful lessons we can all learn from about taking chances and not settling for anything that doesn't excite and inspire you.

I was so grateful that Aruna...

Dec 9, 2018

Gregory Diehl is a thoughtful and inspiring young man that I first came into contact with a few years ago. Every since meeting him, I've been inspired by his adventures and willingness to experience things some of us only dream about.

He's a adventure traveler having visited in 50+ countries and parlayed his experience...

Dec 2, 2018

Let's face it, the assumptions and stories we tell ourselves is probably killing our relationships and our chances for success. So why does our brain do this? Believe it or not, it's for the sake of efficiency but it often leads us down the wrong path and causes us to miss the mark a lot of the time. 

And yes, it's...