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The Ripple Effect Podcast with Steve Harper

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Jan 26, 2015

Even the Ripple man from time to time has to do a little peep check to determined if the people he's surrounding himself with are helping or hurting him. No one has time for negative people who drain all that is good from your soul. Maybe it's time you too took a stand and said no more sucky negative people in your...

Jan 20, 2015

A cult classic from the 80's Ferris Bueller actuall in large part is responsible for teaching me how to come out of my shell, embrace life and be a friend to all. Of course I'm still trying to figure out how to be as cool as him. Maybe change my name to Abe Froman since Ferris is taken.

If you don't understand that last...

Jan 12, 2015

Last year Steve discovered he made nearly $1 Million dollars worth of introductions. That'a lot of Ripples eh?

In this episode Steve talks about why it's fun and personally rewarding to track the outcomes of the connections you make. The simple process of connecting is great but when you make the right connections...

Jan 5, 2015

In this episode, Steve Harper talks about the challenges and flexibilities of working from home and how to stay connected so that you aren't isolated and lonely in your bunny slippers.


Don't fall into the attention traps that will suck away your time and energy keeping you from your next raise or...