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The Ripple Effect Podcast with Steve Harper

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Jun 26, 2019

In this episode, I am on the road literally. I recorded this in route to a self-imposed business sabbatical. Sorry for the mic quality.

I had a lot on my mind that I wanted to share about why I do these trips, why they are critical to my success and why you should consider doing them too.

More importantly, I am slinging...

Jun 14, 2019

In this episode Steve talks about the negative voice in your head that is likely working against you. At a minimum, it's jacking up your mojo and messing up your perspective and confidence. 

Jun 12, 2019

In this can't miss episode of The Ripple Effect Podcast. Steve will get you thinking about those friends and supporters that always have your back. He'll encourage you to not only think about them but to take some steps to really show your appreciation and gratitude for them.

Be sure to stay to the end to learn about...