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The Ripple Effect Podcast with Steve Harper

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Sep 4, 2023

I discovered Lauren Bateman a while ago. Let's just say Instagram is way smarter than I am and fortunately dropped her amazing guitar lessons in my feed. She was engaging so I kept watching. Before long, I was watching her Youtube videos and could say I was hooked. As much for the guitar knowledge, Lauren was dropping as her personality. She is just plain cool.

I was so honored she agreed to be a part of The Ripple Effect Podcast. Check out Lauren on Youtube and her website at

More on Lauren:

As a childhood cancer survivor, Lauren knows the importance of living in the moment. That's why she quit her job at 27 to pursue a career in music. That decision changed her life forever.

Without a degree in music or teaching, Lauren has become a worldwide sensation teaching guitar to students all over the world. Her YouTube channel has over 330,000 subscribers and growing. Lauren teaches students that the most important thing is to have fun. That it doesn't matter how old or talented you, but rather your desire to play that makes you a better guitar player and student.