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The Ripple Effect Podcast with Steve Harper

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Sep 30, 2023

I've been connected with Laura Williams via Twitter (we both refuse to call it X) for quite a while. She inspires me along with thousands of teachers, administrators and educational professionals worldwide. She can always be counted on to put out an inspirational thought, a word of encouragement or just something that will make you smile.

She is the epitome of a Rippler and I am so grateful to know her and to be connected with her!

Check out her work at and be sure to follow her on Twitter @mrswilliams21c

Here's a little bit of her official bio from her website:

​I'm Laura Williams, your resident authentic learning expert and host of the Authentic Learning Alliance google group and facilitator of the Iowa Authentic Learning Network.  Over the past 10 years I've dedicated myself to transforming education through incorporating authentic learning experiences with area partnerships into PK-12 classrooms as an educator, consultant, and 21st Century Learning Specialist. I have also supported area partners in the visioning around these experiences to maximize a win-win-win experience for all stakeholders. 
I believe that education can be the great equalizer if we can leverage our students interests and passions. We have ~6.5 instructional hours a day and I believe we can be the difference. We just have to dedicate the time, space, and connections to "up the ante" for students. I believe we can help each learner find their super powers and help them develop 21st Century skills to be successful in living, learning, and working. 
Iowa Roots

Through this endeavor, I have made some great partners along the way! My role as a 21st Century Learning Specialist for AEA Learning Online has privileged me to work with some great educators, leaders, business partners in order to support schools across the state to design, launch, and implement authentic learning programming. 

​Check out the Iowa Authentic Learning Network to explore resources and get connected with some amazing consultants and educators in Iowa who are just as passionate about this incredible movement in education! Currently we have around 500 educators joining this movement in Iowa! 
Follow @iowaaln on Twitter to learn more! It is our sincere hope we can connect passionate educators to share and learn from each other from across the globe!