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The Ripple Effect Podcast with Steve Harper

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Jul 22, 2022

Listen for just a few minutes and you'll be hooked on wanting to know more about this amazing human being called Steph Silver. She is the living embodiment of a Rippler.

Check out her amazing agency and her incredible podcast, MVP Business, at

Steph Silver is on a mission to enhance as many lives as possible through cultivating meaningful and memorable experiences.

Having been a leader in sales, marketing, and brand experience for over 20 years, Steph founded VINE Collective in 2018, VINE is a leadership development, branding,and marketing agency, formed out of Steph's desire to do part her to improve the world we live in. The unique combination of leadership and sales development paired with
branding and marketing, cultivates a collective thought process that fulfills a complete brand and customer experience that empowers meaningful changes.

Steph uses her desire for human connection, authentic experiences, and profound growth to train, educate, and amplify leaders and businesses who live through their mission, vision, and passion. You can hear her chat with other passionate business leaders on MVP Business Podcast. She’s driven to build relationships and help people
grow, succeed, and connect. When she’s not managing her team, visiting with clients, or thinking of brilliant brand experiences, Steph can usually be found cooking, gardening, dancing, or playing at the park with her two young sons.