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The Ripple Effect Podcast with Steve Harper

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Dec 20, 2022

Kristin Casey is an incredibly interesting and yet, very complex person. She has gone through hell and come out the other side stronger, more committed and a true inspiration to so many. Myself included.

The author of My Life With Joe Walsh, Kristin shares a look behind the curtain of drug additiction, co-dependency and the struggle of recovery. She holds nothing back in this interview and I was truly humbed by her open and honest approach. The courage she demonstrates will not only intrigue you but inspire you.

Addiction has impacted so many of our lives. I feel confident this interview will be one that not only resonates with many of you, but may be a catalyst to starting a conversation about this important topic. Perhaps it's an opportunity to share this interview with someone struggling, especially now at the holidays, as a reminder that they aren't alone in their struggle. And there people like Kristin who can help. Talk about the ultimate Ripple!

Kristin lives in Austin, Texas where she is a screenwriter, author, sexuality counselor and a licensed Intimacy Coach. She leverages her own journey in getting sober to help her clients navigate their own challenges and personal demons. Just in the time we spent together, I can honestly say I can see why she is effective breaking through the barriers and darkness that haunts many of our clients.

To learn more about Kristin and her work, please check out and buy her book at Amazon or any local bookstore.