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The Ripple Effect Podcast with Steve Harper

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Nov 1, 2019

I hope you will walk away from this episode as inspired as I am. Douglas Hilbert is one incredible individual that will encourage you to want to be a better person...period.

Some specific highlights from this episode:

"A lot of great plans with no kind of spiritual, mental or emotional foundation it really won't work."

Douglas is a Senior Health Coach at Virta Health as well as a high school soccer and track and field coach.

He enjoys his professional life because Virta Health has a mission of reversing diabetes.

It aligns which his mission of being of service of others.

He's worked with a State Championship Soccer Team!

He uses his professional life to also provide a message of love and compassion for the kids he is clearly honored to coach.

He would rather be happy and poor rather than rich and miserable.

Take all the lessons you learn along the way and apply them in your life.

Responsibility of a coach is to create an environment where you are loved and respected.

Championship teams have a respect, love and admiration for one another.

No rules - just standards

Douglas realizes he's not going to play in NBA and apparently someone stole his ACL? We didn't dig into that but it's fodder for our next conversation.

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