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The Ripple Effect Podcast with Steve Harper

Jun 28, 2022

I was so honored to interview my friend and fellow blogger and true Rippler, Melissa Lombard. Melissa is one of those people that the world needs more of. Her enthusiasm, her smile, and her gentle kindness just make everyone who knows her better spinning in her orbit.

Check out and check out all the amazing people she interviewed with her Coffee with Stranger series.

Here is Melissa's BIO in her own words!

Melissa Lombard

Every week, for almost three years, I enjoyed a conversation and a cup of coffee with a stranger and wrote about it here. The project, called Coffee With A Stranger, was absolutely the most incredible thing I’d ever done!

The project was on hold for six months as my husband and I enjoyed a foreign adventure running a bed and breakfast in rural Costa Rica. I blogged about that, if you’re interested. If I had to sum up the experience, I’d say it was sort of like Pioneer Woman meets Survivor. If you want to get the back story, check out this post. If you have questions, you might find the answer here.

During the Coffee With A Stranger project, we lived in Austin, TX and my husband and I ran a real estate company called Lombard Home Team – which was a Keller Williams affiliate. We were blessed with an abundance of great clients who turned into great friends.

Today, you will find us about 1500 miles north of Austin, in the beautiful city of Minneapolis. I was born here in MN and after 14 years away, it was time to be closer to home and family. My Texan husband Dave has adjusted nicely to the MN winters and though he hasn’t traded “y’all” for “you guys”, I’m pretty sure I overheard him say “heck yeah” the other day. And not mockingly either.

Never big on doing the same thing twice, I traded in my residential real estate blazer (OK, they don’t really give you a blazer, but they totally should) became a Commercial Broker Associate with a commercial real estate company and then landed my dream job, running a Keller Williams real estate firm. I spent my days asking lots of questions, teaching and coaching the very best real estate agents imaginable. There probably isn’t a job better suited for me. And yet, coming late summer 2022, there will be an new adventure! So stay tuned for that developing story!