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The Ripple Effect Podcast with Steve Harper

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Oct 21, 2023

In this engaging podcast interview, Steve Harper is excited to welcome his friend and colleague Patti DeNucci to The Ripple Effect Podcast. Patti, renowned for cultivating authentic networks and engaging in profound conversations, is currently promoting a new book and a newfound love of conversation. Topics you know Steve, can't help but get excited about!

Patti provides insights into her background, hailing from a mining town in northern Minnesota, where she learned the art of conversation and connection from her gregarious father and grandfather. She emphasizes the importance of authenticity in networking, regardless of one's personality type. Patti's first book, "The Intentional Networker," guides readers in effective, genuine networking, while her second book and recently released, "More Than Just Talk," serves as a valuable resource to enhance conversational skills and get past the unproductive small talk many of us find annoying. 

Steve and Patti have a fun and engaging conversation that underscore the significance of gratitude, curiosity, and meaningful questions in building strong connections. Their anecdotes and strategies illuminate the path to authentic networking and the power of sincere conversations in both personal and professional spheres.

This powerful episode is an essential episode to save to your library as you will want to reference it again and again.

To learn more about Patti and her work, please check out her website, for additional resources and information on her books.